About me

2014 09 25_5052

As a Bipolar sufferer I am a Mental Health campaigner to eradicate the world of stigma towards those with mental health issues. I write about a number of things including mental health, but also politics, feminism and even fashion. I believe my blog truly is as the sub heading states “a ‘thinking’ blog for stylish readers”.

All infographics are my own unless otherwise stated.

I am also active in the social media sphere, my handles and profiles can be found below. I think my Twitter bio personifies me perfectly; “Obsessed with library books, in love with magazines, adore films and tolerate going to the gym.”

Book I am currently reading – ‘Potatoes not Prozac’ by Kathleen Desmaisons

American series I am currently addicted to – The Big Bang Theory

Last film I watched – Suffragette

Please contact me on the below email if you would like me to write about a particular subject whether on this blog or for you to use elsewhere. Both paid and unpaid assignments will be considered, it is just the fulfilment of writing that I love.

Happy reading.





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