Weaning stage one, the puréed veggies


Since my last blog on the subject, Lola has now tried carrot, butternut squash, parsnip, pears and baby porridge. As with the baby rice I have given her one ‘meal’ a day in addition to her usual milk feeds, this still usually consists of around a few mouthfuls. I gave her each food in the order above for 3 days each before moving on to the next one to eliminate any possible allergies as Lola has eczema (as does her father, so it is in the family).

Carrots went OK, she just seemed a little confused, see video here. She loved the butternut squash, the parsnips were met with a wretch and she loved the pears (unsurprisingly). I purposely introduced her to sweet vegetables before fruit as babies have a sweet tooth and I didn’t want her to only want the yummy sweet fruit and not the nutritional veggies. As Lola is now 5 months, as of this week I have started giving her 2 ‘meals’ a day; creamy baby porridge for breakfast and a fruit or veg for lunch.

It is up to you whether you decide to use jars/pouches or make your own food, the ready made products are generally organic and sugar/salt free so don’t feel like you shouldn’t be using them. There are also so many helpful utensils now to help with making your own baby food easily. The best purchase we have made in this regard is the Tommee Tippee steamer blender, it is a-mazing! One literally chops the veg/fruit and sticks it in the blender jug on the appropriate setting and voilà, 20mins later you have perfectly steamed and puréed baby food ready to give to your baby. It can then be put into individual pots and/or pouches and either refrigerated for up to 48hours or frozen. As your baby progresses along the weaning stages, the food can be blended a little less, leaving it a bit more chunky until they are eating everything the same as us.

The plan is to continue introducing new fruits and veggies and then when Lola is 6 months we will introduce a third meal at tea/dinner time. During this process, she will be having her normal amount of milk. Once she is eating 3 meals a day and more than a few mouthfuls at a time, we will then slowly start to reduce her milk feeds in line with recommended guidelines. I will write about the next stage in a few weeks time, in the mean time I have included some links below to products that we have bought and are finding useful on our weaning journey.

Helpful Links

Reusable baby food pouches

Pouch spoons (these attach to the pouches for ease when out and about)

Baby food freezer pots


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