Fake tan for the festive season

1332868954-502743_full shopping

December is almost upon us. A time when we all have lots of parties to attend and sparkly dresses to wear. No fashionista willingly shows off her pasty pins in her favourite party dress. The answer? Fake tan. As we are in full swing of winter, we do not want to don a full on Fake Bake 3 weeks in the sun look. December calls for a more subtle touch. There are 2 products that I always return to every year. For a full proof and gradual glow, use Dove‘s daily tanner in light. Use it morning and night in place of your usual body moisturiser (remembering to wash your hands afterwards). After 2 or 3 days, you will have the perfect winter tan. If you are impatient and want to achieve the same level of glow over night, use Loreal Sublime Bronze tinted gel in Light. Ensure that you use a tan mitt for applying this one as it may stain your hands. Again wash your hands after use. To avoid having white hands and a tanned body, use an aerosol spray daily tanner. After you have washed your hands, use hand cream to act as a barrier, then use your spray daily tanner to tan your hands, spraying about 15cms away. If you follow my advice, you will have the perfect winter party tan. Merry pre-christmas!


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