Am I too old to wear what?


Another post about my evolution from my 20’s to my 30’s, this time about what I choose to wear. I have no doubt that I am not the only one that struggles with what is appropriate for a fashion conscious 32 year old to wear. See, I’m not that old, but I’m not that young either.

The obvious items are easy, such as I am too old to wear hot pants and I am too young to wear Echo shoes or a petticoat. Although where does that leave me with everything else? My current staple is the jegging, and unless fashion changes considerably, I feel that I have a fair few years left before I will have to give up my go-to trouser. But, what is the cut off point for skinny jeans; 40, 50? And what is the shortest a hemline can be on a 30-something year old’s thigh?

No longer are we in an age when women are defined by clothing representative of their age. Women in their fifties may wear Ugg boots and teenage girls may well wear a 50’s style tea dress. I guess the main differentiator now is the amount of skin a woman may show at a certain stage of life – this is the new fashion age definer. However, this merely leaves me in the same transitional position; how much skin should a woman in her early 30’s be able to show? Answers on a postcard.


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