Coats, coats, coats (and boots)!

M&S COLLECTION Wool Blend Leather Trim Coat - £150

M&S COLLECTION Wool Blend Leather Trim Coat – £150











This a strange thing to say when I have just returned from my dream destination wedding in Cyprus where it was circa 30degrees every day – but – I love this time of year when all of the new winter coats and boots arrive in the shops. It’s also my favourite time of year for fashion magazines; bumper issues full of knee high boots and a hint towards jewel coloured frocks for the party season. And I don’t seem to be alone in this notion; all of the girls in my office are going crazy for boots. Not only do we have decide on the colour, length, style and height that we want to don for the winter, but we also have a major decision to make – spree or steal (not literally). Do I buy the very latest in 2014 bootwear from a throw-away cheap high street store, or do I save up for those amazing designer boots that will go with everything and last forever? (Remember that ‘Friends’ episode when Monica bought the pair of boots that cost more than a month’s rent and made her feet bleed?).

As a fashionista with an extremely short fashion attention span, I tend to buy several pairs of boots from New Look and/or Primark. I wear them to death and then throw them away. The majority of the ladies in my office however have followed the opposite path. They have purchased designer or at least very well made boots for a higher price tag, they have them re-heeled each year and have had them for 3 years or more. Maybe now that I am a married woman I should be starting to act like a grown up by spending all of my expendable income on designer wear (not saving for a house deposit like my new husband wants us to). I believe that every woman needs 3 pairs of boots. The flat knee-highs to wear over your jeans at the weekend, the black knee-high heeled boots for both the office and the evening, and finally a high fashion boot – maybe a blue wedged ankle boot…

Then it is time to move on to the winter coat, same deal – spree or steal. Actually, I think there is more of a middle ground with coats. Yes I can take my weekly shopping spree to Primarni or go to Selfridges… However, there are some AMAZING coats in the mid-market fashion stores this season. For quality and modern design, why not head down to M&S; where there are some great classic coats to rival the Harrods troop as well as some seriously off the runway outer wear in various styles and colours. Other high street stores to consider for coats this season are River Island and TopShop, but it will definitely be M&S all the way for me this year. Their design team have certainly upped their game in the last 18 months. They seem to have it all covered, something to keep their old and regular customers happy and also a high fashion element in many of their collections to break into where the real money is – women aged 25-35; women who have started to make decent money and perhaps don’t have the responsibility of a mortgage or kids just yet.

When looking for a coat make sure you know what your requirements are. Are you looking for a casual coat for the weekend, or something to wear over your city suit? For a relaxed outerwear look, try a blanket coat or a biker jacket, or for a more formal scene, maybe a long belted cashmere trench coat. Do you want one coat for everything or a couple of coats for differing occasions? With so many styles out there it is difficult to choose only one (or two) coats. Details to look out for are; fur collars, colour blocking and collarless. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself; in fact, I am off to M&S right now.

RIVER ISLAND Dark grey sleeveless trench coat - £80

RIVER ISLAND Dark grey sleeveless trench coat – £80

TOPSHOP Collarless Blanket Coat - £89

TOPSHOP Collarless Blanket Coat – £89

RIVER ISLAND Brown colour block midi coat - £110

RIVER ISLAND Brown colour block midi coat – £110


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