The ugly shoe-ling


I pride myself on being a fashionista, often an early adopter and sometimes a trend setter (she says modestly), but the shoe of the season is something I can in no way adopt. The Spring/Summer 2014 runways were overrun with what I can only describe as ‘old lady shoes’. You know the ones that I mean, the chunky strapped flat sandal often appearing in orthopaedic catalogues…

I am trying to decide whether this is arrogance or laziness on the fashion industry’s part. Was there a She’s all that type summit, where fashion/shoe designers made a bet with each other whether they could get consumers to spend £300 on shoes inspired by Ecco? Or did the fashion industry run out of ideas for ‘pretty’ shoes and thought “Stuff it, let’s design an ugly shoe!”? Either way, I am shocked to see pictures in various magazines of usually stylish women wearing the ugly shoe-ling with pride. Which brings me to the question; if one is to be seen as trendy, should one follow fashion blindly? I venture to answer no, and believe that a true stylista is able to pick and choose from what the fashion industry presents us with and then make it their own. So I will be passing on the ‘ugly shoe’ thank you very much and will be sticking to colour blocks and embellishment, because that’s just me.


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