My name is Vikky and I am addicted to Primark

My name is Vikky and I am addicted to Primark. In the midst of the recession, fashion consumers are in their element with so many shops offering discounts and others extending the ranges on their sale racks. Primark, Matalan and Peacocks offer fashionable clothing at a very reasonable price providing us all with an affordable, full and up to date wardrobe. However Primark is without a doubt my choice of clothing store, not only are they ridiculously cheap but they are always bang on trend. There are some people who break out in a sweat at the mere mention of the word Primark haunted by memories of people rugby tackling them out of the way to get to those size eights. It’s true that shopping this way is only for the extremely patient, or for those who are so dedicated to fashion that they have managed to harden their elbows and learned to limbo under shoppers who dare to get in their way. All you need is a vision and the ability to then be able to picture the garment you have just picked up off the floor, tucked into those fabulous high waisted trousers you purchased from a charity shop last week. As someone who is always striving to look like I have just stepped out of the fashion pages of Elle (obviously a shorter, less goddess version), I owe my ability to be able to copy the looks on a monthly basis to the magnificent budget clothing stores. I am often complimented on my clothing by the very people who would never shop in these places proving that if you have an eye for style money is not important. However unlike me, try to resist CPD (Compulsive Price Disclosure) and accept the compliment without telling the admirer how cheap your gorgeous new cut out body con dress really is.


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