Spain feign ordain


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have the most random thoughts at the strangest of times. Last night was one of these times. For some unknown reason whilst watching a recorded episode of Game of Thrones, I had the thought that Spain should be looking at their legislation regarding non-residents not being able to marry (i.e. UK citizens seeking a wedding abroad). One must be resident in the country for 2 years before they can get married in Spain, unlike many of their neighbouring countries who offer the opportunity for non-residents to marry once they have been resident in the respective country for a varying number of days.

It may seem a trivial matter when Spain is in such economic turmoil, but there is a reason behind my thinking. According to weddings in the UK are worth around £10,033,768,472 each year, that is a serious amount of money. Of these weddings; 16% of first and 60% of second weddings take place abroad. None of which will legally be able to take place in Spain and this does not take into account couples from around the entire world that may chose to marry in Spain if they were allowed to. One may be able to have a ‘blessing’ in Spain, but this would only complicate matters and put people off wanting to have a legal ceremony in the UK followed by a public wedding in their chosen country.

When every penny (cent) counts, can Spain really ignore the booming ‘Destination Wedding’ industry? With the global economy the way it is, it’s diversify or die.


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