Google+ what’s the fuss?


As someone who is trying to make my way in the social networking arena in a bid to showcase my writing, wit and humour, I have been trying out all of the usual suspects; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. All of which I am now a fan of, but Google+ I thought resembled a business ad on The first thing that frustrated me was the fact that I had to create a gmail account, annoying as I already have several email accounts for personal and work alike. One more email address later and I am forwarded to what I can only describe as a holding page. I fill in my profile details and choose companies to follow but don’t have any contacts to ‘+’ as I have just opened my gmail especially. I then create my company page for work in order to extend our social media reach, but again feel like the application is somewhat aesthetically lacking. I made all of the account set up recommendations, yet still felt unsatisfied that either my profile or the company page looked anything but amateur.

I make frequent updates daily on both Twitter and LinkedIn for both my personal accounts and for my work accounts, this is massively helped by the app HootSuite. As a social media dashboard it makes life easy by allowing me to access all of my accounts in one place. That is, apart from Google+. The worst thing about Google+ for me is that it refuses to link up with any other social media platform, of which is the entire point of social ‘networking’ isn’t it? The great thing about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is that they allow you to share cross-platform. The aim of social media is just that, to be ‘social’, to encourage people to share information and to engage with one and other. I am constantly reading that Google+ is the future, but the future of what? Unless they are willing to engage with other social media platforms I am not entirely sure where the application will fit within the online universe.

Having said all of the above, I am writing this blog on a new Nexus 7 (courtesy of 3mobile on a monthly contract) where I have just signed in to my Google+ account and can see where the buzz may have possibly come from. Not as a social media tool, but as a more attractive RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. The platform was undoubtedly built with the tablet computer in mind. My home page looks like a very colourful and dynamic version of the LinkedIn home page. Although I may not be able to use it as part of my daily social media coverage due to lack of time and the extra work required to be able to share the content cross-platform, I would however happily use it as an information gatherer and read on the way to work. Colourful morning news reading here I come.


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