Why does ‘working from home’ have a bad reputation?


I find it so frustrating that people think that when one says that they are ‘working from home’ that they are in fact having a day off. I am sure there are plenty of people who perhaps do take advantage of being at home and slack off. However, I personally find that I am much more productive when working from home. I am more able to be in the zone and not distracted by all the interesting people around me. Especially due to the nature of my job (50% PA and 50% Marketing Assistant).

I struggle with being in the moment when working on something specific to one of my job roles. I may be doing diary management when something marketing related is brought to my attention by a colleague or working on a social media strategy when I am asked about one of the partners I work for’s diary. Don’t misunderstand me, I wouldn’t have it any other way when in the office. I pride myself on being approachable and personable and love the fact that my colleagues feel able to come and talk to me at any time. Although, it would be beyond amazing if one day a week, or from time to time I was able to work from home in order to catch up. 

Employers and indeed people in general, need to view working from home differently as there are actually many benefits. Firstly and most importantly for all involved there is no travel involved, for me this would save 2 hours a day. I get frustrated thinking about what I could actually get done in those 10 hours a week that are wasted on a tube/bus. Secondly as mentioned above, there are no distractions (unless of course you spend all day watching TV). And thirdly for me, I feel less stressed not having to participate in the rat race for just that one day. 

I wouldn’t want to work from home every day (accept for maybe when I have children) as I would miss the office banter and human interaction. I do however think people’s beliefs on working from home and flexible working as a whole needs to change. 


One thought on “Why does ‘working from home’ have a bad reputation?

  1. I completely agree that working from home should command more respect. I hope that as more of us prove how productive we are when we’re home, it’ll be taken more seriously. And if not, we can at least hold it in high esteem for ourselves.

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