The sky will no longer be the limit

The only policy change I completely disagree with is the cap being lifted on Higher Education fees. I agree that we need to reduce the number of individuals going to university, not only for cost saving purposes but also to decrease the saturation of graduates in the employment market (see my blog entry ‘Are we over qualified?’). Current undergraduate fees are £3,290 a year to be paid by the student, in addition to this the government also pay the university £3,290 for each student per year. The cuts however mean that the government will now only fund students of science and maths, thus the minimum fee universities will charge in the future will be £6,580 to just be on par with this year’s budget. But, let’s face it, with no cap universities are going to charge far beyond this. Simultaneously to the reduction in funds, the government also wish to decrease the amount of international students. I am of the same opinion that we need to cap the amount of non-EU immigrants into the country, however am baffled by the decision to decrease the number of non-EU students by 60%. Surely this is going to result in even less money coming into our higher education institutions? International students pay a much higher annual fee to attend our universities, if less are allowed into the country then the more our home students are going to have to pay to make up for the deficit. The logic is absurd. By making it all about money, university is going to become elitist yet again. We should be encouraging intelligence and hard work not trust funds and upper middle class. The biggest question for me is – Will there be scholarships for those who have the brains but not the financial brawn?


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