Post-Labour Renovation

I am sure there are many who will disagree with my view but I applaud the coalition’s revamp of the Welfare System. It’s about time there were some restrictions on how much non-working families can claim from society’s pot of tax money. I was shocked by the response when it was announced there would be a cap on the number of children that could be claimed for. The media exploded with statements of how unfair it is to tell people how many children they can have. Hello? Where is the fairness for hardworking couples who have saved for years but can only afford to bring up 2 children and will have to both work full time to do so? The government is not enforcing a policy on how many children we can have, just how many the government will pay for. As with anything that is financially costly we have to weigh up whether we can afford to have children, if you can’t then unfortunately you have to wait until you can afford to. Obviously there are circumstances that change after having children and this is when the state should temporarily assist until conditions improve. The state is not there to provide income for the entire life span of someone who is capable of work.

Many of the policies currently being brought in are the very same ideas that my friends and I have thrown around during political discussions. If there are no jobs available in an area then it makes perfect sense that people claiming Job-seekers do voluntary work in the community. This not only helps the community as a whole but gives confidence to those that have not worked before and keeps the morale up for those who may have been made redundant. While I can understand that someone who has worked as a solicitor may not want to work in Burger King, the state is not there to pay the rent until your ideal job comes along. It may be a case that any job is better than no job, you can still look for another job while working. The three strikes rule (where you are given three opportunities to turn a job down) is much needed as there are individuals who will not take any job offered to them as they either think they are above it, it doesn’t pay enough or they just can’t be bothered to work.

  1. Strike one – Benefit is cut for three weeks
  2. Strike two – Benefit is cut for three months
  3. Strike three – Benefit is cut for three years

As for the reassessment of all of those claiming health related Employment and Support Allowance (the old Incapacity Benefit), this should have been done a long time ago. The majority of those claiming ESA are more than capable of working somewhere. The government offer help in finding compassionate employers, grants for any equipment and modifications needed. It is in our own interest to work and be part of society. I am by no means belittling those who have serious illnesses that do prevent them from working, it is those who use illness as an excuse not to work that give the rest a bad reputation.


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