Fish Pedicure – the new ‘wonda’ treatment

I found myself intrigued by the major hype of the so called ‘Fish Pedicure’, first brought to the attention of women everywhere when Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty used the treatment to perfect her feet before seducing Mr Meade. However the treatment that I have dubbed ‘fedicure’ (I first went for ‘fishacure’ but thought it sounded a bit too ‘fishy’) has been reviewed in recent press although at a steep price starting at £30 for 25 minutes at Aqua Sheko in Kensington. Using my journalistic skills and natural curiosity (or google) my attention was directed to Wonda located in Camden that specialise in fish therapy.
After a stressful week my thoughtful boyfriend offered to pay for a fedicure as a treat, so “we went off to see the fish man, the wonderful fish man of Wonda”. The spa is located in Camden Lock Village amongst a variety of other stalls. It was hard to view the situation at first through the crowds of people watching in wonder and awe at women sat in full view with their bare feet in what is basically a bowl of water full of tiny fish. The fish used are Garra Rufa that originate from Turkey and the Middle East and have been used for the purpose of beauty for more than 2000 years. As someone who has very sensitive feet I was expecting to find the experience a little too much, however I very much enjoyed it from the first nibble. Garra Rufa don’t have any teeth therefore suck the dead skin off of your feet in a sensuous and comforting way, it felt almost as though my feet were in a foot Jacuzzi.
I was pleasantly surprised by the cheerful colours of the walls and cushions of the hut. It’s no flash spa in Kensington, in fact in my opinion it is better. Not only are the prices extremely reasonable at £10 for 15mins and £15 for 30mins but the spa is also located in one of London’s most vibrant and buzzing areas. Why make a fedicure a once in a blue moon treatment when Wonda offers you the opportunity to incorporate it into your monthly beauty routine.
The founder, Richard Smith (who was friendly and happy to answer any questions) started up Wonda 4 months ago after experiencing fish therapy in Cambodia. Business is obviously going well as he already has a second hut in ‘The Stables’ area of Camden market and is in the process of opening a larger spa in the same area. The new spa will house a large tank in which clients will put their feet into a communal tank. I know what I will be doing with my gal pals instead of that extra cider in the beer garden. I recommend that you too take up this amazing beauty treatment immediately for baby soft feet to die for. See you there.

To view the Wonda site please cick on the link on the left hand side of the page under my Twitter Updates, or google ‘Wonda Fish’.


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