Why blue?

I was recently asked why I support Conservatives, the simple answer would be that I agree with their policies, but it is more than that. Labour have gone so much towards the left that we were on the fast track to turning the UK into a state run country. 25% of all people in employment in the UK now work for the government or local council in some way. Obviously I am all for there being plenty of teachers, nurses and policemen etc, however the majority of these people are employed as paper pushers. A further 3.5 million people of a working age are supported by welfare. With the UK population standing at around 61,126,832 and taking into account that 16% of the population are over 65 and 19% are under the age of 16 – this means that over 40% of the population are not contributing to the state. This then in turn means that 60% of the population are supporting almost 24.5 million people by paying tax and national insurance to fund their benefits or pensions and the national services that the entire population use. Before anyone dares to say that I am an upper class toffy nosed bitch who has no idea what it is like to struggle through life; I must point out that not only did I go to a local secondary school, but I am from a single parent family and haven’t had contact with my dad let alone financial support from him for many a year. My mum never remarried and life was very hard as she worked a mixture of shifts for the fire brigade as a phone operator for the 999 calls. Although money was very tight, and I remember having little to eat near the end of the month, I was encouraged to be independent and work hard. My first job was as a paper girl at the age of 13, followed by a waitress paid just £2 an hour from the ages 14-16 and then while at college I worked 2 full days a week at a clothes shop as well as 3 nights a week at a local restaurant. I was the first in my family to go to university and had no financial support other than my student loan and money from the 20 hours a week I worked in a clothes shop. My intention is not to give you my life story but to merely point out that I am not from a privileged family but yet, as many others have done, I have managed to work hard and make my way in life without blaming my lack of social standing on government support. The welfare system was started with the greatest of intentions and is much needed, but only for those who are in dire straits, not as a lifestyle choice.

 The first thing that should be addressed in my opinion is non-British EU citizens claiming Job Seekers allowance. A friend of mine is living in a shared house with 3 Italian guys who are all claiming ‘the dole’ while not even considering looking for work. I am not against people from other countries coming to the UK to work, but unfortunately if work is not to be found, they should be sent back to their own country for their own government to deal with. The problem with this is that the UK are a soft touch, most other EU governments do not offer such a great package for non-workers. If we were to scale back massively on who were entitled to such benefits there would be millions more pounds in the pot that could be spent on the more important things like hospitals and schools.

I could go on and on about my thoughts about the Labour Welfare system and will no doubt mention it repeatedly throughout my blog, however I leave it for now as I believe I have answered the original question of ‘Why blue?’. Fingers crossed that the Tories will completely overhaul the current benefits system.


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