The outlook is sunny

Women and men of my generation are now very conscious of their physical appearance, especially in the current saturated celebrity environment and it has become a must for some to have a healthy glow in western society. Obviously with our wildly unpredictable weather in the UK we are unable to rely on a good summer for our healthy tans. Women including myself are always striving to look the perfect version of themselves by dieting, having their nails done and sporting a year round tan. Whilst many women try and maintain their tan by applying lotion at home, many wish that they could afford the high cost of having their tan applied professionally. Having a spray tan in a central London salon can cost anywhere between £30 and £45 and in order to maintain the glow this will need to be reapplied every week. To the majority of women this is financially impossible, therefore they have to forfit the luxury and either go without or try and apply evenly at home. Sadly due to the cost of spray tans women are turning to sunbeds of which offer highly competitive prices. For £40 a month a person can have unlimited access to a sunbed at LA Fitness gyms. This is shocking in the knowledge that there is a high risk of skin cancer by using sunbeds on a regular basis. Although the price of a sunbed course may be low in currency you may end up paying a much higher price in the future if you develop skin cancer, your life. I admit in my younger days I too was a regular sunbed user, however as I have become more aware of the dangers I have sworn never to use them again. As I am naturally fair skinned I maintain a tan through the use of the fake variety and then slather my skin in at least factor 20 when I am sat out in the sun. A reminder to you all – If it is a cloudy day you still need sunscreen. The sun may not be out in force but the UV rays will still be able to penetrate through the clouds although be it at a lower level. For those of you who may not be so bothered by skin cancer, what about the premature aging effects it has? There is nothing less attractive than a woman with loose leathery skin at the age of 40.

For further information on sunbeds and tanning outside please visit the ‘Easy-Tanning’ website.


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