Knowledge is Power

Ellie Gellard

I have always had an interest in current affairs and politics but have never been vocal or acted on my views of how we could improve society. However after reading Ellie Gellard’s infamous blog ‘Stilettoed Socialist’ I thought why not start now. Although as a Conservative supporter I do not wholly agree with Ellie’s views, I do however think she has done an amazing job of bringing politics into the mass audience spotlight. As a woman and a person under the average age of a politician (40-60 years according to data from Criddle 2001), she is truly a minority within the political arena. The idea of politics can be very daunting to the average Briton, as the thought of a group of people having infinite power to change laws and decide what is for the best for the entire population can be totally mind boggling. The fact is; Politics affects absolutely everything in our everyday lives – from the Sunday opening hours of our local supermarket to the minimum wage and the amount of tax we pay on our fashion and beauty products. These are the things that the average person don’t seem to realise have all at some point been discussed in parliament. The unfortunate reality is that the majority of the UK thinks that politics is boring and this is what the government should really be working on. The more that a person understands something the more interest they will have in it. The question is – how can we make politics more interesting to the 21st century woman?


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